Canyon Endurace 9.0 Di2 review

Ask any cyclist. It is a well known fact that Canyon make some amazing bikes. However, the exceptionally long waiting times for these magnificent bikes are equally as notorious. After some research and pondering, I placed an order for a Canyon Endurace CF 9.0 Di2 back in September 2015. It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ordered with Canyon in the latter half of 2015/early 2016, that my bike was subjected to a myriad of delays. Originally due to ship in November, then December, then January and finally March. After liaising directly with Canyon, expressing my frustration of waiting for so long, my bike was finally delivered on the 18th of February 2016; over 5 months (23 weeks!) after placing my order.


Before I continue much further with this review, I will list the specifications of the bike, taken from Canyon’s website.


I must confess, this was one of the most exciting deliveries I have ever had the good fortune of receiving. The feeling of seeing a huge box with the bold words CANYON staring back at you can bring a smile (or joyous tear?) to the face of many cyclists. It truly felt reminiscent of a childhood Christmas morning. I suspect that the incredibly long wait had something to do with this anticipation! There are not many unboxing videos of Canyon bikes at all, so I decided to share this special moment and made my own video. Hopefully it will give a slight glimpse of what to expect when you order (receive) a Canyon.

Setting up the bike was a fairly straight forward process. Anyone with a basic understanding of bikes can easily undertake the minor amount of assembly required. The bike ships in a ‘bike guard’ (Canyon terminology for a simple bike shipping box). The front wheel is taken off, and the handle bar pivoted at an angle. So all you really have to do is attach the front wheel (quick release/lock), align the handle bar and secure it with the included torque-wrench, as well as insert and secure the seat post. This was all a very quick procedure, and took me around 20 minutes from opening the box to having the bike fully assembled.

In anticipation of my bike’s delivery, I had already purchased a number of accessories. This included pedals, bottle cages, a Di2 Fly unit, Garmin Edge mount, Varia rear radar light and an ass guard. I also got a Canyon bike stand for those occasional periods when I am not riding! For now I am just going to be using an Exposure front light, as I am holding out for the Cycliq Fly12.


IMG_2336 19.48.27

The first thing that struck me about this bike was the weight. This is my first carbon fibre bike, and weighs 7kg. I could easily lift the bike with one hand, and use the other to turn the crank and hear how awesome the DT swiss wheels sounded. The attention to detail on the bike is also first class. You know you have purchased a premium product just by looking at some of the finer details. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.




I have only tested the Canyon with my Wahoo KickR. It is a little difficult to explain in words just how much of a difference there is coming from a mechanical Shimano 105 to an Ultegra Di2 groupset. Shifting is incredibly smooth. Changing gears required only a slight tap on the shifters, and although this felt a little odd at first. If you press and hold the shifter, there will be a smooth change through multiple gears. A simple tap is all that is needed for a single gear change. As I am used to mechanical gears, this may take some getting used to. I did press and hold for too long a few times, resulting in 2 gear changes, but the Di2 system is intuitive, and went down 2 gears, and then back on up, resulting in a net change of a single gear.





I’m also really excited at the prospect of the lower maintenance of the front and rear derailleur, as there are no cables for them with Di2. I have also attached the D-Fly unit to the rear derailleur, which will allow me to see the the Di2’s battery status. I know the battery is where electronic shifting gets some scepticism, however, just like your bike lights (an essential safety device!) and mobile phone, proactively ensuring that your Di2 battery has sufficient charge before a ride is not at all an issue, particularly when you consider that it can last for up to 1000 miles. I don’t think I could go back exclusively to a mechanical group-set now. Electronic shifting is the future!

So, would I recommend buying a Canyon? I cannot answer that with a yes or no, despite their bikes being (probably) some the best on the planet. Canyon bikes are incredibly priced for what they offer, have a premium feel and ride like a dream. Aesthetically they are also very pleasing to the eye, and still quite rare to spot here in the UK. The only downside, and it is a big one, is the waiting time. You may order one that has a shorter waiting time, but definitely be prepared to wait! Over the past few months, I had been slightly tempted to cancel my order and find an alternative ride from some where else. Notably, I looked at ROSE bikes and Planet X. And that is exactly what it would have been. An ‘alternative’. Quite simply, none of the bikes offered elsewhere gave me that same satisfaction, and my heart was truly set upon the Endurace CF.

For this reason, I would probably not recommend a Canyon if you desperately need a bike by a certain date. Buying from them at the present time seems to be a gamble as they are currently implementing new software for their bike ordering system. However, if you have some patience and are in no immediate need for your new ride (and presumably already have a bike), then a new Canyon is a very worthwhile investment. Another downside is that you cannot customise your bike, as with other online only retailers like ROSE. This is not going to be too much of an issue, as Canyon do have a lot of bikes on offer. I would have like to be able to customise my Endurace with some Aero wheels, but this is not too much of an issue for me at the present time.

I was a little hesitant regarding the sizing, as I could not test-ride the bike before purchase. But let’s be entirely honest. You are not going to get much of a feel from a bike by simply riding outside your local bike shop for a few minutes. I did this with my first road bike purchase last year, and only after a few proper rides do you know how a bike feels. Canyon do offer a 30 day return period, so that is some comfort with regards to sizing issues, etc.

All-in-all, I am going to leave the negativity on the side and conclude with my opinion purely about the Endurace alone. In short, it rides very well and the geometry is accurate by Canyon’s description of being a comfortable ride designed for sportives. If you’re looking for an all-round bike that is both comfortable and speedy, the Endurace model is definitely one to consider. I will be updating this brief review with more thoughts as I spend more time with the Endurace on the road. Until then, ride on!





53 thoughts on “Canyon Endurace 9.0 Di2 review

  1. Sexy looking bike! I’m sure you’ll love it. A few of my friends have Canyons and they seem like some of the best looking and best value for money bikes out there. I love their time trial bikes.

    I got over 1000 miles from my first charge cycle on Di2 and didn’t even run it right down to the blinking red light on the little stem box. Wish I had it on ALL my bikes. I like the little gearing display on your Garmin too!

  2. Very nice looking bike, dude. Ordered the same model also last September and it should (SHOULD!) be arriving within the week…. maybe haha.
    Quick question if you don’t mind: I hadn’t considered how the battery is secured within the seat tube. Generally I believe Di2 batteries sit within the seat post using a special bung, but I guess this isn’t possible with the VCLS split leaf type post? In your vid it looked like you just popped the post right in…

    • Thanks, Simon. The battery is hidden in the seat tube (although I have not seen it). The seat post just went straight in. I hope you get your bike soon; I know how stressful the wait can be! 🙂

  3. Hi Andy, I have seen that your size frame is XS- What is your measurements ( size , inseam) – Because i not sure of the size for me – Thank so much Philippe

  4. Great vid and review Andy, I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these myself. One quick question if I may (I can’t tell from Canyon pics or your own) – is the frame Di2-ready, i.e are all the electronics housed neatly, or is it a ‘slap-on’ job like my mate had to do to get it onto his Trek?! 🙂 Cheers!

    • Hi Mark. Canyon do two different frames; mechanical and electronic specific. The electronic specific frame has less cut-outs and everything is internally routed, so minimal external wires showing. It’s a lovely bike, you won’t be disappointed!:)

  5. Thanks Andy, the Canyon website shows CF Electric and Mechanical frames for the Ultimate but only shows the Aluminium frames for Endurace!! You’ve put my mind at rest – was hoping they’d follow suit with the 2 frames. Many thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Mark. Take a look at the Endurace CF 9.0. It has exactly the same frame as the CF 9.0 Di2, with the exception of the down tube which has holes in the top for the mechanical wiring. This is absent from the Di2 version.

  6. Andy,

    Now that you have had the bike for at least 4 months do you have any feedback regarding the endurance feature. I am pushing 64 years old and I am curious since I have arthritis in my neck and after 15 to 20 miles it becomes uncomfortable, tolerable but some discomfort.
    Regardless you answer I am going to pull the trigger in 2017 when Canyon comes to USA.

    • Hi mate,

      The Endurace is really comfortable. Personally, I don’t find the geometry to be that different from the Ultimate CF (but I think the Ultimate CF SLX is much more aggressive). But overall, the Endurace has a very relaxed geometry and I find it very comfortable 🙂

    • Also 64 and found that bikes in this category work well (have a Roubaix currently. also looking at an Endurace (the same as andy’s model or possibly the CF 9.0 SL w/mechanical Dura-Ace. Just hope the ordering syetem is sorted out by early ’17!

      • I have almost the same bicycle we except mine is an Ultegra. I placed order on 24-7-16 and received it on 26-7-16. I’d say they improved on their shipment. I’m in Hong Kong and it took UPS 2 days. I haven’t ridden (rain and other commitments) it but boy oh boy is it light weight. Alittle over 7.0kg with the Ultegra pedals, saddle bag, and rear Bontrager Flare R light. I’d say Canyon has sorted out their ordering system and delivery times. To potential owners, the order and delivery times are within acceptable time span.

      • Thanks, looking forward to the USA launch (trying to get more details beyond “early 2017). Hopefully your weather breaks and you’ll be on the road soon, enjoy!

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  8. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your review of this bicycle. I am considering placing an order for the same model, but I am a bit hesitant if I should order the S or XS. Here are my measurements when I put it in the Canyon website’s PPS tool:

    Body Height 170cm
    Inseam 78cm
    Weight 74kg
    Torso Length 65c,
    Shoulder Width 44cm
    Arm Length 60cm

    It concluded with an XS frame. What are your thoughts? Were your measurements similar to mine?


    • Thanks for your kind words, Raymond 🙂

      I am 164cm, inside leg is 29″ (sorry, not sure what that is in metric). Weight is 52-54kg. The XS is fine, I don’t think I could go for a small at all. My leg is almost straight (slight bend) with the crank at the 6 O’clock position, despite the saddle being almost in the lowest position.

      I think a S would be fine. Equally, if you got an XS and had the saddle higher, that may also work. But would meant that the bars may be slightly lower.

      Ideally, a bike fit would help to see you prefect riding position, and use those measurements.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Thanks for the input. I am thinking that the XS would be a better fit for me. I’ve been reading on forums Canyon bikes are slightly up-sized – an Canyon XS could be considered a S in other manufacturers. My current bike is slightly too large for me and resulting in some shoulder pain, so I want to be absolutely sure about the bike size prior to purchasing. One more question, do you think you could squeeze 28mm tires on the Endurace without fouling with the frame or brakes?

  9. Hi Andy, thanks for your updates and congrats on the recent London event (and meeting Froome!). Any more updates on your experience with your Endurace Di2? Looking to get that same model when they FINALLY get the USA launch going in early 2017 (or so they keep telling me).



    • Hi Bob! Cheers, L’Etape was quite good; hope to return next year and hopefully do Ride London as well.

      I took the Endurace to my sportive and definitely notice the improved shifting with Di2. I think they have changed this model slightly now, and it has a different set of DT swiss wheels. It’s an incredible bike and the more time I spend on it, the more I love it over mechanical. The DT swiss wheels are also really good, with great bearings.

  10. Nice bike bro. I’m planning to get the same model. May I ask what was the exact battery that was included? I would like to install a D-fly and then use E-tube software to configure synchro shifting where the front d automatically shifts according to the rear d position. Also the shifter buttons can be reprogrammed to be the same as Etap. A specific model BT-ND110 is required for this feature and I don’t want to spend another 100eu to replace it.

  11. Thanks, Richard. Congratulations, it’s an amazing bike. You won’t be disappointed! I am not sure what the battery is in my bike, but the charger is SM-BCR2. The battery is in the seat post, though.

    • Just checked with canyon, they say its SM-BTR2. Unfortunately, this is not compatible with synchro shifting. Need to replace with BT-DN110. 😦

  12. Hi Andy,

    I got my bike already. I had to ship back the first one because of a paint chip in the headtube area. They shipped another one but the brake cable is now Shimano instead of Jagwire in the first one. May I know if your bike’s stock brake cable is Shimano or Jagwire? I miss the smoothness of Jagwire cable…

    • Hi Richard,

      I just checked and they are Shimano. I’ve not experienced Jagwire cables, but interesting to note that. I may try them on my custom build when I service my other bike.

  13. Hi Andy, I’m considering a Endurace 9.0 Di2 same as you have and I reckon the sizing be the same at an XS. However, what stem did you order/they supply and did you specify what length? My current bike is a Cannondale Caad 8 in XS and I have a 110mm stem on that(obviously geometry different between bike though I think).
    According to Canyon website the XS is in stock in Meteor Grey-Cyan so would go for that as delivery for Stealth in October!!


    • Hi Steve,

      I am 164cm (5′ 4″) tall and the XS is perfect. I have an inside leg of 29″. The stem is 80mm and I could not customise the length (I don’t think you can with Canyon). A year on, it is a beautiful ride and very comfortable for long rides. The Di2 is amazing and the DT Swiss wheels are very smooth. Even more so than my Mavic cosmics which cost twice as much.

      • Thanks for reply Andy, I’m very tempted as the spec for the price is incredible. I’m just concerned if it doesn’t fit(unlikely) or there is a problem the hassle of sending it back etc. Plus I’ve just been online chatting with them which was frustrating! How much seat tube do you have showing as a matter of interest?

      • Hey Steve,

        No worries. I’ve personally found CS to not be that helpful tbh. My seat post is pretty much at the lowest setting (almost), and that seems optimal for my legs. Spec’ wise, it would be tough to find something similar and the build quality is top-notch. But Canyon are really slow to respond. I don’t think I would send my bike back to them for servicing, etc.

  14. Steve,
    I got my Endurace 9.0 CF Di2 shipped to me in the USA in mid-March (the US launch kept getting delayed, now “late 3Q17”). And just in time to get it in Stealth, saw that now the wait is until
    Oct. Fantastic bike, responsive, quick handling, and a comfortable ride (maybe less so than the Roubaix I ride for the last 5 years). I’m 169 cm and also bought the XS, fits perfectly. Stem is shorter tan what you have on the Cannondale, i.e. it is 80 mm. Maybe a tad short for me (90 mm?) but has not been an issue at all.

    Enjoy the bike!


    • Hi Robert, what’s your inside leg measurement(inseam)? Mine is 75cm and I’m 166cm in height but the Canyon calculator says my legs are too short!! I am short and my legs are short for my height but I thought a XS be fine(?). On my current bike my saddle height from ground is 90cm, what is yours please?
      Thanks for your help, I don’t want to order if bike doesn’t fit.

      Thanks again,

      • Steve,

        Same inside measurement as you, no fit issues beyond the usual small tweaks. You should be fine.

        Hope that helps, always worth reaching out when ordering without actually seeing and trying the bike first! No regrets here.

        Good luck and enjoy.

  15. Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. I’m tempted to order one although too much choice with bikes these days!

  16. Hi again Andy, I’ve yet more questions, sorry! How is the handlebar width as on the website it quotes 380/400mm which is narrower than I have now(420mm). Is that size the overall width or centre to centre? Also, the stem size is 80mm and I use 100mm currently but I believe they will send out different stem if required(as usual cannot customize at all on order).
    I’m really close to pulling the trigger on ordering one so want as much info as possible.
    Many thanks again,

  17. For anyone considering ordering, I ordered mine from In Stock and it arrived exactly one week later(this to UK). So, I think they have sorted out delivery issues. I have only ridden it once since getting it due to work/weather but seems great! I have ordered a longer stem so will fit that and try it. The standard 80mm stem bit short I think.

  18. Cheers Andy. I wavered for ages then just thought sod it and ordered! I’ve put longer stem on, 100mm and seems better but only done one ride with new stem. I also had to adjust the front derailleur to get it right but no problem. Di2 is great although maybe not strictly necessary but I do like having it linked to computer – I’ve got Wahoo Elemnt Bolt which is very good.

  19. Hello
    I’m coming from MTB and Hybrid background and looking for a road bike and am very keen on the Canyon Endurance range – My only concern is that not being able to test ride the Canyon and the limited adjustability is the comfort. I’ve ridden some pretty aggressive road bikes and found them way to uncomfortable so any advise would be appreciated.
    I’m looking at either the Canyon Endurance CF9.0 or the Specialized Roubaix so anyone with experience of both would be of great help
    Great write up Andy

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