Why The Dark Knight Rises was a disappointment… (Spoilers)

There are many reviews available online about this finale to Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman franchise. Building up my expectations after the superb Batman Begins and epic The Dark Knight, I was eagerly anticipating the finale to this trilogy. Alas, I was a tad disappointed. I watch very few movies at the cinema, due to my lack of patience to watch an entire movie in a single sitting, and normally wait for home releases. I did however get myself to a theatre for this movie, as there was no way I could wait an extra 5 months to see this masterpiece (or so I thought).

*WARNING: This post contains spoilers*

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Does God exist?

This is a question which is profoundly important. Well, it is either profoundly important, or simply not even worth thinking about. I will make it clear at this point; all views expressed here are arbitrary and my own thoughts. Of course, some will agree and some will not. Is that not the beauty of debate, the human race and all knowledge we share? I will also need to mention that I will keep this post short, brief and simple, as this is a topic I can easily get carried away with!

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Andy’s blog

Hello! I’ll like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, making this as brief as possible. I am a passionate Scientist, gadget enthusiast, Apple (tech) fanatic, Moleskine lover and a caffine addict!

Over the next few posts, I will attempt to explain the purpose of my blog, hopefully providing some insight into all things I find of interest to post here.