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  1. Hi Apologies first as I feel a bit of an idiot re my new Paperwhite Kindle which I have just received from Amazon. I have attempted to charge the Kindle but notice that the battery symbol does not show any signs that it is charging, ie moving!! Will it just show once it is fully charged or is there something amiss do you think? I have owned a basic Kindle previously and had no problems so wonder whether this one may be faulty? Hope you’re able to advise as I found your review most enlightening regarding this product. kind regards Diane

    • Hi Diane.

      Thanks for your message. I am glad my review was useful to you.

      When I charge my Paperwhite, a bolt appears on the battery icon, indicating that it is being charged. There is no actvie animation. Overtime, however, the battery icon does increase to full.

      If it is not showing a fully charged icon, despite leaving it plugged in for the recommended charge time, you may wish to contact Amazon. Their customer service is quite good from my experience.

      My best, Andy.

  2. Hi, Andy. I know your hobby is cycling. So we sincerely ask you to review our new product. This iphone case is designed for outdoors. Waterproof shockproof and dustproof . Are you interested in this item? if you interested, please kindly give me a reply.

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