Castelli lightness full finger gloves review

There is no doubt about it. Castelli make some amazing cycling gear, and a pair of high quality gloves are a crucial component of kit for any roadie. Having already embraced Castelli as my signature cycling gear of choice, I decided to kit out fully (more reviews to follow) and get some Castelli gloves. Although I commute in Altura and DHB, I keep my Castelli gear (generally) reserved for weekend rides. My first choice of gloves were the Castelli Estremos, which are probably the warmest offering Castelli has, and one of the best regarded gloves on the market. However, winter has been very mild this year, and I don’t think I need my hands to be overly toasty!


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Personalising my road bike helmets

After experiencing the transition periods between the run-bike-run phases during my first Duathlon in September, I have given some consideration to how best personalise my gear. Perhaps one of the easiest, and most important, pieces of cycling equipment to personalise is your helmet. I came across some personalised name decals on eBay, and managed to pick-up a pack of eight for Β£6.99, which seemed pretty reasonable.

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