Running on adalimumab (Humira)- First dose and experiences

So yesterday I started a new drug called adalimumab (Humira). I’ve been struggling to induce remission with my ulcerative colitis since 2015, with the past few months being particularly turbulent. I was put on another biological drug last January (2017) called vedlizumab, with infusions every 8 weeks. Unfortunately, this failed and being on a high dose of steroids (prednisolone) for some time now, my GI suggested moving treatment to Humira.

As you may know from previous blog posts, this has had a detrimental effect on my running. I struggled with the Royal Parks Half in October, and things are not much better now. Being back on 40mg of prednisolone and the overall nature of the disease has left me feeling exhausted, but the motivation to get out there and run is always present. Okay, so my pace has been hampered- maintaining 8-minute miles (slower than my marathon pace) feels very tough right now, even for a 5k, so I’m hoping that the Humira works wonders… and quickly! So, what is this drug all about?

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