ZWIFT Volcano climb

So ZWIFT have unveiled yet another route for the Watopia course. There is now a 4.2km (distance) climb with ~125M of climbing up the recently released Volcano. This is ideal for testing your climbing skills without the added duress of putting yourself through the torturous Watopia mountain. Well, not so much torturous as it is time consuming! I did a quick test of the Volcano climb to see what it was all about.

I could not see any option to select the climb from the main menu, so just went for the standard Volcano route. Once I reached the Volcano, I manually selected the option to go for the climb once it popped up on screen. The climb is a relatively steady 4-5% gradient, with a peak of ~9.5% just before reaching the summit. The total verified distance is 4.2km. I enjoyed the way up, putting some effort into it, and finishing with a segment time of 8:58.

Overall, I was impressed with the variety of the climb. It is just a plain and simple loop around the volcano, which means that you get to also descend down the same loop as well, meaning your average speeds shouldn’t take a hit as you can make up for these on the way back down.

I am very excited that ZWIFT are now releasing more expansion packs and routes. The Watopia course is actually where all the expansions have occurred, with Richmond and London remaining the same since their release. I am sure that we will see further expansions packs bing rolled out shortly. Stay tuned for further updates!

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