Atlas Laces review

A little bit about my background. I run around 50 miles a week, and participate in events ranging from 5km, all the way up to the marathon. In short, I love running! And was excited when Atlas Laces approached me and asked if I would like to write a review for their elastic shoelaces.

I run around 6 days/week, and normally tie my laces before my runs. I tie my laces in such a way, that I can easily slip my shoes on and off, and this cycle lasts anywhere between 4-5 runs, before which I feel that the shoe laces have become too loose, and must be retied. I know some runners tie their laces before each run, and this can be a chore, particularly when time is an asset (notably when I run before going to work and am on a strict time line).

The Atlas laces are shipped in a plastic packet, with no complicated packaging. The laces seem to be of a high quality, durable and are lengthy enough to put through shoe holes with plenty of lace left for a good tie. The unique aspect of these laces, however, are that they do not need to be tied! You simply insert the laces through the clip (as shown in the pictures) and secure the ends with the clip. The laces can also be cut to size, to prevent excessive sag. Once secure, the runner simply adjusts the press-clip, and can easily tighten/loosen their laces.


I often worry about laces coming undone during a key running event. I ran the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon over the weekend, and had to briefly slow down as I thought a lace had become loose! (every runners nightmare when racing). Fortunately, this was not the case, but I believe that I would have felt much less nervous wearing the Atlas Laces, as it appears that laces won’t come undone with them, and can easily be tightened during an event, which could save valuable time!

All-in-all, I am very impressed with this lacing system, and can highly recommend this purchase to other runners, both who are actively engaged in racing or training. 5/5

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