London Duathlon 2015 race report

The Wiggle London Duathlon is the worlds biggest duathlon, taking place in the scenic setting of Richmond Park. There are three main distances, each consisting of a run, followed by a bike ride, and a final run. I signed up for the event way back in September 2014, opting for the standard duathlon distance of 10-44-5 (10km run, 44km bike, 5km run).

For two main reasons, I decided to drop down to the half distance of a 5km run, 22km bike ride and 5km run. Firstly, I have been struggling with a glute injury, meaning I have not been doing anywhere near as much running as I would have liked to. And second, the duathlon begins at 9am, and getting from my home in Essex to the start line would be very difficult (as I was planning to use public transport). Both factors played an equal part in my final decision.

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