Atlas Laces review

A little bit about my background. I run around 50 miles a week, and participate in events ranging from 5km, all the way up to the marathon. In short, I love running! And was excited when Atlas Laces approached me and asked if I would like to write a review for their elastic shoelaces.

I run around 6 days/week, and normally tie my laces before my runs. I tie my laces in such a way, that I can easily slip my shoes on and off, and this cycle lasts anywhere between 4-5 runs, before which I feel that the shoe laces have become too loose, and must be retied. I know some runners tie their laces before each run, and this can be a chore, particularly when time is an asset (notably when I run before going to work and am on a strict time line).

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Leaving Nike+ for Strava

I have been using Nike+ to record my runs since May 2013. It has served me well and been a fantastic motivational source to record my runs, engage in challenges with fellow runners and achieve those ‘trophies’ for completing certain milestones. Why have I now decided to leave Nike+ for another piece of software called Strava?

Well, it all started last week when I was searching for an app to help record cycling. I have signed up for the London Duathlon (September 2015) and need to get some bike training underway. I came across an app called Strava, not having heard of it before. I was intrigued to learn that it can record not only biking activities, but also running! (and a number of other activities). With great curiosity, I downloaded the app and made an account. I was even more excited to see the desktop version!

Strava dashboard

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Running with the Apple Watch

For those of you who follow my blog, will know that I love running. It will be no surprise that I am also keen about overall health and fitness, too. So when Apple announced the HealthKit App and fitness capabilities of the Apple Watch, I was ecstatic! Thinking of the possibilities and igneous Apps developers can make with such a platform seem to be limitless. However, reading up a little more on Apple’s latest gadget, I am being forced to question the potential of this first generation product, and wonder how some of the health/running applications can be put to best use. Here are my initial thoughts.

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Nike+ app and Fuel Band

Like many, I enjoy running. It is something I do to get away from daily stresses, keep fit and clear my mind. It is my zen in life. However, I have long struggled to find a way to record and log my runs. Having tried a number of iOS apps and the Nike+ sensor (back in 2009), I gave up, and simply mapped my runs using and timing my run.

Last week, I went to the Nike Town store on Oxford Street in London, my aim being to pick up some long running tights (as there is no sign of summer weather in the UK this year… sigh…). This is when I stumbled on the Nike+ stall, showcasing the Nike+ Fuel Band and Nike+ GPS watch, as shown here:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-693280/pgid-683903.

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