Apple Watch: an (almost) 2 year update

It’s hard to believe that the Apple Watch is almost 2 years old. I preordered my Apple Watch in April 2015, finally taking delivery at the end of May. Since then, it has become an indispensable part of my lifestyle, and with the two year anniversary approaching, I wanted to share my thoughts on how I still use it.

Alternating with my fenix 3, I wear my Apple Watch everyday. I have a few different bands now, so can wear it with sport gear, as well as smart-casual attire. There was a point last year when it became little more than a simple timepiece as the initial novelty wore off, but after a few significant OS updates, there have been some marked improvements in functionality. Here are some of the most significant improvements that I have been enjoying with the Apple Watch.

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neato Botvac D5 review

There is no denying that one of the defining technological breakthroughs of the past 5 years has been the implementation of home automation. Everything from lighting to your coffee machine can now be automated, so it was just a matter of time before other product categories joined the market. Smart vacuum cleaners have been available for a few years now, but only recently started to make their way into consumer homes. The price is still a little steep, which may mean that it will be a few years before they become a common household feature. Retailing for £599, the neato botvac D5 is certainly not cheap. But does it live up to the high-end price-tag?


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LaMetric TIME wifi clock- a brief review

Every once in a while, a product comes out that changes the way we view technology. Something that fills a certain void in the market, enhances our overall productivity, but at the same time, is not exactly essential. In essence, the LaMetric TIME is one of those nifty gadgets. Simple in performance, minimalistic, yet functional. In this brief review, I will explain what exactly this device does, how well it works, and my reasons for purchase.

The LaMetric TIME is basically a retro looking LED display clock. But that would be an over simplification, akin to calling a smart phone just a phone. For this reason, I would call the LaMetric a ‘smart clock’! It connects to your home wifi network. To get the most (and even most basic of functionality) from the LaMetric, you will need to download the app (free from the app store) and register. You can then download a vast number of ‘apps’ which can easily be installed. The possibilities, like a smart phone, really are endless. The number of apps currently available are somewhat limited, but rapidly expanding.


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Apple AirPods review- are they worth buying?

I was initially pessimistic about the Apple AirPods when they were announced back in October 2016, even going as far as engaging in mild mockery whenever a conversation about them cropped up. The main reason for my dismissal of them was that they looked far too easy to loose. I mean, just look at them! How could they possibly stay put in your ears without falling out(?). My Apple EarPods would always fall out of my ears, but were obviously never lost as they were wired. Furthermore, launch delays were encountered, and the AirPods were finally released to the public in December 2016. I did not preorder a pair. But after watching some YouTube reviews, I was a believer. Here’s why.


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Nanoleaf Aurora smarter kit review

One of my favourite things about home automation is the ability to control my lights. I am already heavily invested in the Philips Hue ecosystem, with Hue bulbs populating my living room, bedroom and study. Controlling these using the Amazon Echo has been a huge convenience and delight. I often wondered if there was room in the market for another lighting system. I happened to stumble upon the Nanoleaf lights on Amazon and a few YouTube videos, and was immediately intrigued. At a first glance, they are very attractive, and one cannot but help to be drawn to them. So, what exactly are these lights?

The Nanoleaf Aurora lights consist of individual triangular panels. They can be mounted to your wall using the (included) 3M double-sided sticky tabs, and connect to each other through interlocking chips. The panels are made entirely from plastic and fairly light in weight, yet have a solid and premium feel.


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Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones review

Since Apple acquired Beats a few years ago, we all knew the day would arrive when there would be flawless integration of the brand into the Apple ecosystem. With wireless sound already showcased as the future by Apple with the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, it seems that the time has truly come to adopt wireless headphones as standard. This is my first venture into the world of Beats headphones, and in a word, wow!

The Beats Solo³ ship in a nice box and are very well presented. Included inside are the following:

-Beats Solo-3 wireless headphones

-USB-A to USB-micro charging cable

-Wired connection cable

-Carry case with clip

-Quick-start guide/warranty information/beats sticker

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