A brief review of the eve Mattress

After a recent refurbishment, I was in the market for a mattress for my new bed. I always try to do my ‘research’ prior to a purchase, particularly one of such significance and expense. I sleep an average of 8 hours in a 24 hour period (more or less!), which equates to 1/3 of my life spent in my bed. Now if I live until a fair old age of 90, that equates to 30 years (on average) spent on your chosen mattress of choice! Definitely not something to be frugal about. I saw an advertisement for eve mattresses on the London underground (several times), and have always been drawn to them. Positive advertisement? None-the-less, an online search returned favourable reviews. The price of a king size (EU) mattress was Β£700, and when compared directly with other more well-known brands, was not considerably more. One thing which often confuses me is the range of different types of mattresses available. Cheaper options all the way to high-end. Not to forget the plethora of different filling types. Eve have a single range, the only variation being size. Now this does seem to be a one size fits all business strategy, however, after reading several reviews and watching a number of videos, I was keen to try eve out. In no short part because they offer a 100-day trial period, which added to my peace of mind. I simply had nothing to lose.

So I ordered my Eve mattress and had a Β£100 online voucher, which was a nice saving. I also added a mattress cover, which is essentially a fitted sheet with waterproof properties that is placed under your normal bed sheet. my mattress size was EU King, which measures 160 x 200cm. The mattress arrived on-time and I was kept up-to-date with the progress of my order. The mattress arrives vacuum packed within a large cardboard box. I think that this is an excellent way to ship a product like this. I still recall the purchase of my old mattress from IKEA in 2010, and how difficult it was to lug up the stairway. But I digress. Although heavy, I managed to get the mattress to my bedroom upstairs. Laying it down on my bedspread, I then (carefully!) pierced the plastic. I could hear the air slowly being released, as the mattress itself expanded in size. Within a couple of minutes, the mattress was ready and set-up in position.

I was very impressed with how the mattress looked. Featuring a unique bright yellow border, the mattress has a plush fabric cover. I found this to be particularly soft to the touch. There is then a generous layer of memory foam under this, followed by a cooling layer which all ultimately rest on a supportive base layer. I must point out that the eve mattresses are on the firm side, which is something I personally find desirable. The mattress is resting on an IKEA MALM high bed frame with LEIRSUND slated bed base. The mattress was a little wrinkly once unpacked, but this quickly settled. Here are a few pictures of the mattress unboxing.

I have now had the eve mattress for almost 7 weeks at the time of writing this brief review. I can safely say that this is the most comfortable mattress I have slept on. It is still very firm, the memory foam returns to its original form and it still feels brand new. My wife and I are not particularly heavy (50-55kg), so the mattress has a combined total weight of just over 100kg to deal with. This may play a role (I hope!) in keeping the mattresses shape and form to be pristine for a little while longer than the usual. From the very first night, I slept like a baby. Bed sheets seem to stay fitted, which makes making the bed in the morning a lot quicker. As there are no traditional springs in the mattress, I felt that sleeping on any side was equally weighted and comfortable. The occasional toss/turn was also very silent. All-in-all, I found the mattress to be supportive and stable. As a runner, I cannot emphasise the importance and comfort relating to the firmness of the eve mattress.

Eve also sells a range of other accessories for your mattress, including duvets and pillows. This is something I will definitely look into, particularly as we now move into autumn and there will be a need to change to a slightly heavier tog duvet. Stay tuned for a potential review of more Eve goodies this fall!

If you are intrigued in an eve mattress, simply head over to https://www.evemattress.co.uk and use the following code for Β£100 off! EVETLBPQ8A There is a no obligation 100-day free trial πŸ™‚

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