Captain America shield (75th anniversary edition)

I am a huge Captain America fan, and had wanted Cap’s shield for a very long time. Back in June (2016), I saw these limited edition 75th anniversary shields available for pre-order on There were two variants; a plastic PVA one, and this. A full metal shield. Although more substantial in price, I opted for the latter. As a one-time purchase and collectors item, I really wanted to make sure that I was happy with my purchase. Roll on to October, the shield was finally available and shipped to me from the US, with delivery taking just over one week. Even with import fees and delivery, the overall cost was significantly cheaper than how much this would have cost here in the UK. Here are my thoughts.

The shield shipped in a very nice outer box, and was further protected in an outer packaging cardboard box. The contents of the item are clearly written on the outer shipping box as well, so if ordering this item from Amazon as a gift, I would definitely keep this in mind. Only the shield is included. No instructions, and nothing else. Of course, nothing further is actually needed! The shield is protected by polystyrene foam inserts, and further covered in soft paper. Taking the shield out of the box for the first time was a very special moment. I immediately noticed how heavy it was. I believe it weights around 7 lbs. The back of the shield has real leather handles/grips, which are also embossed with the 75th anniversary logo.

Paint-work is very, very good. I did notice a few minor imperfections here and there, which is the case with any mass produced product. But overall, I am impressed. The blue and red are very shiny, and have a wow factor with the popping colours. This definitely is a great replica of the movie shield. The price is steep, but you ultimately get what you pay for. I think that. only the very keenest of Captain America fans would fork out for this item. But if you do, rest assured that you are getting the best replica shield on the planet. No regrets with my purchase what so ever. 5/5




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