Castelli saddle bag review. What’s in my saddle bag?

As I embark on longer weekend rides, it is important to ensure that I keep some basic tools with me in the case of a mechanical/puncture. I have been risking my rides up until now, but finally got myself a worthy saddle bag. Many I have previously come across before seemed to be overly bulky, and I was looking for one which was discreet, compact, and looked good. It is no surprise that I like Castelli garments (and is my signature brand), so when I saw that there was a matching saddle bag available, my interest was piqued.


The saddle bag itself is very well made. I opted for the smaller model, to keep things as discreet as possible. There is one main compartment which closes with a zipper. Inside there is a separate netted sleeve, to help secure smaller items. The saddle bag has a strap which allows you to mount it very securely under your saddle. It stayed put throughout a recent 87km ride I did. Although a fairly tight fit, I have managed to get the following neatly tucked inside:

-Inner tube
-CO2 pump
-CO2 canisters x2
-Tyre levers x2
-Puncture repair kit
-Disposable gloves
-Disinfectant wipe


The saddle bag is at maximum capacity with the above, so unfortunately there is no room for my multi-tool, which I will have to keep in my jersey pocket. The saddle bag is actually just for weekend rides, as during my commutes I have a backpack with me, and have plenty of storage space there.

All-in-all, the Castelli saddle bag is a great buy. I purchased mine from Wiggle for around Β£22, which is reasonable in price when compared to other saddle bags of a similar quality and design.


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