Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple unveiled the new Magic Trackpad 2 on October 13th 2015, and it marks a significant upgrade in both design and aesthetics from the 2010 model. It has been completely redesigned and is the kind of upgrade that makes a purchase worthwhile, particularly after waiting over 5 years since the last model.


The Trackpad ships in very minimalistic packaging, in typical Apple-style aesthetics. Opening the box you find the following:

-Magic Trackpad 2
-Lightning cable (for charging)



Everything is very neatly packaged and compact. The trackpad is well packaged in Apple film (there’s always something reassuringly special about removing it for the first time!). Under neath you find a lightning cable and some simple instructions (am not sure if anyone even bothers to read these anymore!).

The trackpad is actually much larger than the previous generation, measuring 16 x 11.49cm and weighs 320grams. I saw these briefly in the Apple Store last month, but holding one in person was so much impressive. The trackpad features the same force ouch technology found in the trackpad on the new 12″ MacBook. I’ve been using the new MacBook since May this year, and was already familiar with the new multi-gestures and pressure sensitive functions, so it was a welcome addition to be able to now use them on a larger screen (although my current set-up is my MacBook connected to an external monitor).



The new trackpad features a built-in rechargeable battery, that charges with the lightning cable. Pairing was very quick and easy; briefly connect the trackpad to your Mac (via the lightning connecter), turn the switch on and it will pair automatically via bluetooth.

It has only been 24 hours since I have been using the new trackpad, but I can already recommend it. It is a smooth, slick and very functional device. It is little expensive for Β£109, but I managed to pick one up from Amazon for Β£95, so was content with the saving there (link provided below). Logic would dictate that it be paired with the new keyboard from Apple, which launched alongside the trackpad. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

Apple link:

Amazon link: Apple MJ2R2Z/A Magic Trackpad 2

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