Quad lock for iPhone 6 Plus review

I purchased my first road bike 5 weeks ago, and have since developed a mild addiction to cycling. To-date, I have have only done a few bike rides, in no small part as I have a few running events coming up and an concentrating on these. However, one thing I have noticed on my bike rides is the requirement to navigate, particularly if I am to ride into unseen and far places! I contemplated buying the Garmin Edge 1000, however, I already have a Garmin 920XT and fenix 3, both of which can record bike rides as well as my running.

Okay, so using my Garmin watches covered the bike rides. But this still meant that I needed a device to view maps on my new adventures. I came across the Quad lock system, which allows your iPhone to be securely mounted to the stem of your bike. I was little sceptical (and somewhat nervous) about mounting my phone to my bike in this way, but the numerous positive online reviews gave me some confidence.

Quad lock and iPhone 6 Plus

Attaching the Quad lock to my bike was very simple. It feels snug and secure, and once attached, there is absolutely no bounce in my phone. I have been on a few rides now up to 25km, and there have been no incidents where my phone has felt like it may fall off. Attaching and removing the quad lock is also quick with a push-down and turn mechanism. Also included is a poncho, so your iPhone can be covered in wet conditions (although I am not a fan of riding in the rain, the poncho can come in handy when the weather changes without warning!).

In the future I may well invest in a dedicated bike GPS unit such as the Garmin Edge 1000, but until I feel the need for such a powerful training gadget, the Quad lock and my iPhone, along with my Garmin watch, will be more than enough to satisfy my bike tracking activities.

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