First impressions of the iPhone 6 Plus

I am not going to be reviewing the iPhone 6 Plus in this post. No, Sir. There are plenty of in-depth reviews online detailing the pros and cons of Apple’s latest handsets. I simply wanted to share my own views on the iPhone 6 and initial thoughts.

So, I was not initially planning to purchase the iPhone 6 (but somewhere in the back of my mind knew I could not resist!). Being unable to get to an Apple store to personally view the phones, I pre-ordered online and reserved for in-store collection. I opted for the iPhone 6 plus; 64GB. As my iPhone 5 had 64GB of storage, which never reached capacity, decided this would be the best option.


First impressions of the phone are positive. The 5.5″ screen on the 6 Plus is a worthy upgrade over the 5, and I don’t think I would have felt the same way about the 4.7″ screen on the iPhone 6. iOS8 is buttery smooth and this was actually my first device with Touch ID, as I did not purchase the 5S. I can definitely see the 4.7″ iPhone 6 being a decent upgrade from the iPhone 4, but not so much from the iPhone 5S, unless you are a techie who demands the latest technology/gadget.


These are just my very first, initial thoughts and I will be posting a more comprehensive personal analysis of my iPhone 6 Plus once I have had some more hands-on time with the device. Back to set-up…!

3 thoughts on “First impressions of the iPhone 6 Plus

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  2. Hi Mr G,

    It initially took a little getting used to (perhaps in part due to fear of dropping it!). Although it still does feel slightly on the large side with a single hand, I am definitely accustomed to it now. I usually type with two hands now, which is really comfortable, and a lot faster for me.

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