Sure Run to the Beat 2014 race report

This was my first experience of the Run to the Beat series of races, and left me with mixed feelings. Previously, this event was a half marathon in Greenwich Park, but has now shifted to Wembley in the form of a 10km road race.

I did not receive my race pack, which was disappointing and I had to arrive early to collect it on race day. It was actually not even posted to me, and I was “missed out by the system”, according to the organisers. Not a great start. The event is showcased as being outside Wembley stadium, and that is exactly what it is. Just outside the stadium, with the race village in a big car park. Hmmmm.

I put sub-40 as my finish time (my previous PB for a 10k being 41:30), so was expecting to run around this time, or if I could push myself and get a clear run, would have been happy with anything around 40-41 minutes. I was in the “pink” wave, and started pretty close to the start line.

We began promptly just after 9:25 hrs, as scheduled. I took off after crossing the start line and was feeling pretty good, with only a handful of runners ahead of me. The run felt solid throughout, and I kept to my race plan of maintaining my speed at an average of 15km/h throughout (using a Nike+ GPS watch). This would set me up for a sub-40 10k.

At around the 6km mark, I saw a sub-40 pacer (surrounded by 3 or 4 other runners) pass me on a hill. I was not planning to play catch-up at this point, and let the group pass me, keeping an eye out for them and not letting them out of my sight! At just after 8km, I managed to catch up to the sub-40 pacer and asked him if he was on track for a sub-40 10k. He said “about 20 seconds out”. I felt good and pushed past him, picking up my pace for the final 1km.

I overtook a few more runners during the final km, as I knew the finish line couldn’t be far. We were led through a rather unpleasant industrial backroad-like area (not very scenic) before entering the car park where the race village was. There was the finish line! I went all out, with a sprint to the finish. I stopped my Nike+ watch and was greeted by two new PBs!! 5km in 19:08 and 10km in 38:51. My watch was actually showing I ran 10.15km, with my official chip time being 39:11. It doesn’t matter much to me. I wanted to break a sub-40 10km run, and was very pleased to have done so very comfortably!

Run to the Beat 2014 results


From here, I will now begin to shift my focus on the half-marathon for the remainder of 2014. I have 4 half marathons now within the next 5 weeks; Richmond Half on 21st September, Ealing Half on 28th September, Oxford Half on 12th October and the Great Birmingham Run on 18th October. My goal will be to break a sub-1:30 half at any of these events. After today’s 10k performance, feel that this should not be an issue. EDIT: Done this on the very next week!!! half marathon at Richmond Park!!

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