The ultimate mobile device

When using my 13” rMBP, I have often been tempted to lean over and touch the screen for quick navigation. This habit is largely due to spending a vast amount of time using my iPad each day. However, when I use the iPad (with a Logitech Ultrathin keyboard), at times I miss the ability to point and click, particularly when using pages or keynote. It is a strange conundrum, and I have always envisioned a device that combines features from both devices.

With a number of laptop/tablet hybrids on the market, I have often wondered whether Apple will take the plunge and join this growing trend. Whilst out and about, I often take both my MacBook and iPad. Both devices are essential for my day-to-day productivity, and merging the best features from both devices would be a great enhancement for productivity and ease of use.

The following are features I would desire, and why.

Touch screen
An iPad style, capacitative touch screen. This would allow for easy access to documents, content and multi-gestures.

A 13.3” screen, with no bezel
If I am working with a laptop-style device, I don’t need a bezel. This is why I would like to see the black bezel (almost) entirely eliminated. I can already see it now in the Apple promotional video, with a statement along the lines of, “ We removed the bezel from the sides, so you are just completely immersed in your content…”.

A touch screen keyboard
The ability to change your keyboard at the touch of a button would be amazing. Changing the layout to suit you, spacing between keys, custom special buttons, etc. Essentially, a fully custom-made keyboard, which the user can control at the touch of a button! This would include the ability to use a trackpad, or not, if you prefer to only use the screen in ‘touch mode’.

Wedge-shaped design
I absolutely adore the wedge-shape of the MacBook Air. I didn’t realize how much until I went from a 13” MBA to a 13” rMBP, and I feel that it is the perfect blend of both thinness and durability.

New iOS and OSX hybrid software
As with the physical characteristics of my iPad and MacBook, I also wish specific features from each device were integrated. This includes a revamped OSX with Siri and iPad apps on the mac, imagine that! An example of where touch integration would be useful is when using the app screen, notification centre and using a number of other multi-touch gestures.

Do I feel this is possible? Yes (but at a high cost). Do I think it will happen anytime soon? Probably not. Do I think it will happen at all? Not in the way I envisioned. But none-the-less I am excited at what the future of computers will be like. One thing is for sure, as tablets become increasingly popular, I am confident that we will see further integration of tablet and traditional laptop features.

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