Bamboo sticks and Moleskines

Being a Moleskine addict, it was natural that I would soon venture into their stationary market. With pens, pencils, erasers and even sharpeners, Moleskine have come a long way from their notebook origins.

I was pretty excited about this pen, and as aesthetically pleasing as it is, I expected more. The current retail price is Β£12.99, with Amazon conveniently offering them for just over Β£10 (at time of writing).

The pen clips onto my Moleskine notebook, and was definitely designed with the notebook(s) in mind. The writing is smooth and the square-shaped body did not bother me. What did disappoint was the overall finish.


Although not very expensive, there are better pens on the market for much less. However, the selling point remains with the fact that this is a ‘Moleskine’ branded pen, and clips onto your notebook with ease and convenience.

In addition to the Moleskine pen, I also purchased a Bamboo stylus. Being relatively new to the stylus market, I was pleasantly surprised with this nifty gadget! I opted for the white version to compliment my white iPad, and compliment it, it does! The finish is smooth and the overall finish to this product is of a high standard indeed (quite the opposite of the Moleskine pen…).


I have found myself using the stylus a lot with my iPad, and it has made browsing and screen pointing a great deal easier (particularly when on a table). It is a tad expensive for a stylus, retailing at Β£24.99 (or sightly lower at Amazon), however, I have always believed that quality is (generally) reflected in price. Well, it certainly is in this case.

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