Orbea Avant H30D, buying my first road bike!

Since 2014, I have completed a number of running races including eight 10ks, eight half-marathons, three marathons and a few other events including the City Mile and pacing for the Richmond half-marathon. Looking for a fresh new challenge in 2015, I signed-up for the London Duathlon way back in September last year (early-bird entry!). Despite being a newbie to the Duathlon, I was still tempted to go for the ultra distance; 21km run, 88km bike ride, 10km run. However, my logical side appealed to me and I decided to go for the standard distance of a 10km run, 44km bike ride, 5km run. This seemed like a fair challenge and the sensible option for my first Duathlon.

Reasons for purchase                                                                                                                      I have not done much by the way of cycling training, and simply put, my main motivation for purchasing a road bike was to get some proper Duathlon training done. I have tried to get myself conditioned to the whole “run-bike-run” ordeal. My training efforts for this have consisted of running to the gym, cycling on the Wattbike and running back from the gym. This has proved to be really useful, particularly running immediately after the Wattbike session.

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Great Newham London Run 2015 race report

Living within commuting distance of one of the world’s most iconic and renovated sporting venues, it was a no-brainer to sign-up for the Great Newham London Run; a 10km race promising runners a scenic run through the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with a finish in the stadium itself! I signed-up for this event in March, and it was highly anticipated. Having achieved a PB in the Bupa London 10,000 in May (37:08), I was really looking forward to another 10km run.

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Batman Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition

I preordered the Limited Collector’s Edition of Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) back in January. After initial delays and an expected release of June 23rd, I thought it would be a worthwhile wait to perfect a very anticipated finale to Rocksteady’s Batman gaming experience. I waited patiently, receiving bitter news that the collector’s edition had yet been further delayed! No, this was not another delay for the game, but only the collector’s edition. Amazon sent me an email stating that the manufacturers would release this edition no later than July 14th, but would be sending me a download code on release day so I can download and still play the game whilst I wait for the limited edition goodies. Kudos to Amazon for this, as it allowed me to still pay the game, despite not yet receiving the physical copy. My Limited Collector’s Edition was finally shipped and I took delivery on June 2nd, so just over a week after I should have received it. I am not too sore about the waiting experience, but has the limited edition really been worth it? Let’s take a look.

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Strava on the Apple Watch

I was very eager to see how the Strava app would perform on the Apple Watch, having now used the Strava platform to record my runs for the best part of 6 months. I decided to perform 2 test runs of 3.5km, one with the Garmin fenix 3 and the other with the Strava app running on the Apple Watch, and compare these experiences. The main point to note is that the Apple Watch currently acts as an extension of the iPhone, and uses the 4G signal and GPS from the Strava app on the phone itself, and relays that information to the Apple Watch. Quite simply, the watch acts purely as a second screen when you are running.

I will compare a few of the main running parameters between the fenix 3 and Apple Watch.

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Garmin fenix 3 vs 920XT

There have been a lot of comparisons drawn between two of the greatest GPS watches that Garmin has made; the 920XT and fenix 3. Both watches essentially share the same core software and features, with some minor differences. However, the major differences in these watches is of course in their aesthetic appeal. The 920XT was launched in October last year (2014) and after Garmin announced the fenix 3 in January 2015, many early adopters of the 920XT were quick to vent their frustration. And rightfully so, as in short, the fenix 3 is probably the superior between these two devices. In this blog post, I’ll be going over some of the similarities and differences between these great watches, which will hopefully help you decide which watch is better suited for your individual training and social needs.

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adidas adiozero adios Boost 2.0 review

The adidas adizero adios boost 2.0s are a light-weight running shoe with a generous amount of midsole cushioning in the form of adidas’s patented boost foam technology. I was first intrigued by these shoes as the current marathon world record, a blistering fast 2:02:57 by Dennis Kimetto at the 2014 Berlin marathon, was achieved in these. After a little research I ordered a pair and tried them out. Out of the box they definitely looked the part. I really appreciated the overall design and colour, and they definitely look like a stylish pair of running shoes. In particular, I liked the purple/white contrast between the upper body and boost mid-sole. Continue reading

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Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2015 race report

The Kent Roadrunner marathon has an amazing reputation for being one of the most well organised running events in the country. I first came across Kent RR in the runners world events section in early June 2014, and was greatly impressed with all the positive ratings from other runners. With a little research I came across the official Kent Roadrunner 2014 video, which showed how informal and friendly the race is. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed surroundings; the Kent RR is a gold standard UK Athletics measured race, so you can be sure that you results will count toward your powerof10 and runbritain handicap (if you are into that!). Without delay, I signed up for the 2015 race, and was pleasantly surprised that that I could even have my own choice of race number! I opted for “84” (the year I was born in). It was then a case of eager anticipation and almost a years wait before the 2015 race.

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